Do you want to share your innovative solution?

A component of the IBSA Online Workforce Innovation Tool is an advice bank of providers of innovation services and products. Participants in the tool will be invited to search on this register of providers to seek interventions which will address their individual and organisational innovation development requirements.

As a provider of product or service which addresses one or more of the four pillars of innovation you are invited to list your organisation and relevant service offerings on this free database. The database is moderated by IBSA to ensure relevance of offerings to innovation pillars.

The four pillars of innovation are:

Pillar 1: Generating ideas
Pillar 2: Taking calculated risks and being entrepreneurial
Pillar 3: Developing workplace relationship effectiveness
Pillar 4: Turning ideas into products, processes and services

Do you want to share your innovative solution?

If you believe you have a product or service that you would like to offer survey users to identified gaps in these areas, please register first yourself as a provider and then your various products and services using following the link below.

Step 1: Go to "Registration and more options" to create a login. You will be asked to verify your login via e-mail before proceeding to step 2
Step 2: Register as a provider entering details about yourself and/or your organisation
Step 3: Register your services as they relate to one or more of the pillars.