The IBSA Online Workforce Innovation Survey Tool has four pillars considered a the foundations needed for success:

Pillar One: Generating ideas

Innovating includes and is at the same time more than just creativity or generating ideas. Creativity and the idea generation stage of innovation processes is the most important beginning step. Hence, the first of the four pillars in the IBSA Online Workforce Innovation Tool is concerned with effective sources of ideas about new services and processes.

Questions relating to Pillar One: Generating ideas are concerned with creativity and continuous improvement skills and examine the match between your personal and natural inclinations in this domain versus those requirements of your job. Questions under this pillar examine traits such as:

This pillar measures your creativity engine. Creativity is the starting point of the innovation process, but needs much to be able to be converted into organisational/commercial value hence pillar one could not be a complete measure of innovation but is concerned with the invention component.

Pillar Two: Taking calculated risks and being entrepreneurial

The second pillar of innovation is of taking calculated risks and being entrepreneurial. Questions in this pillar examine your skills and behaviours in:

Pillar Three: Developing workplace relationship effectiveness

The literature on innovation clearly shows that it does not occur in isolated pockets in organisations, but more often that teams, departments and other forms of 'social units' at work bring innovations from the early stage to fruition. No single person is likely to be able to put all the pieces together to create new ideas and bring them to fruition.

Questions in pillar three examine your workplace relationship effectiveness including:

Pillar four: Implementing

In the world of innovation, even the best ideas do not automatically turn into commercial success by themselves, but rather there is the hard work of implementation to be done. Pillar four is concerned with turning ideas into products, processes and services.

Questions relating to this pillar assesse your knowledge, attitudes and skills in innovation including:

For more information on the development of the four pillars, please visit:
https://www.ibsa.org.au/sites/default/files/media/Final SKE report Dev IBSA Workforce Innov SurveyTool.pdf